Traveling with a family is a big step, and one that’s well worth taking. It introduces your little ones to a world so very different from their own, ultimately broadening their horizons and building the foundation for a well-rounded adventurer. With the right Bali family villas at your beck and call, you can feel secure in your travels and confident that your group gets the treatment they deserve.

For family accommodation, large group villas are a surreal setting. With each member of the family under the same roof, you never have to worry about the hassle of getting everyone together. All the while, you can relish in luxury for a holiday flavor that satiates the palate to its core. Multi-bedroom abodes and tucked-away accommodation seemingly taken straight from a fantasy are everything your family needs. So go ahead and envision a trip your kids will definitely never forget.

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Why Your Kids Will Love Bali

Our Bali family villas are a setting for a family-forward adventure

1. The World's Best Beaches
Almost every kid in the world loves the beach. Fortunately, Bali has no shortage. Stay in a Bali family villa and you'll be up close and personal with the best of them.
2. Shopping of a Different Kind
If your kids love to browse goodies, go for an outing to a local market. They'll adore the unique crafts and souvenirs, and maybe even a snack or two if they're lucky.
3. Jet Away to Waterbom Park
Imagine a playground, add water and make it giant. Now tell us your kids won't get excited about this, and try to keep a straight face.
4. Take a Day for a Treetop Adventure
Bali Treetop Adventure gives children and adults alike the chance to hang like the monkeys do along the treetop line. Now that's what we call a family-friendly activity.
5. A Home Away from Home
Staying in a secluded villa keeps your family comfortable. It's private, it's cozy and it's all yours, no matter the time of day.
6. Stay by the Pool
Many large group villas are complete with a private pool, which is ideal for families with kids. It's a great way to keep them entertained without going far, and it's sure to be a splashing time.
7. Kid-Friendly Beach Clubs
Beach clubs aren't just for the older generations. Tag the kids along to a family-friendly beach club, play some games on the sand and watch the sunset with the ones you love most.
8. Setting the Stage for Future Travel
Staying in a family villa in Bali is a wonderful introduction to the wide world of travel. It shows your kids that they don't have to follow the status quo of tourist hotspots, and that exploration is best when shared with the family.

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