Nakula Hospitality Management

Transform your holiday homes into self-sustaining, profitable investments

Bali Villa Management by Nakula

Investing in a holiday home requires not just hiring a manager to ensure your property is well-run, but that it also provides a sustainable return on investment.

Here at Nakula Hospitality Management, we transform your assets into self-sustaining and profitable investments. We are a boutique firm experienced in providing both property management and asset management services tailored to your expectations and needs. Our team of experienced professionals partner property owners to manage both the logistics as well as commercial aspects of owning and running a holiday home.

Today, Nakula manages 12 boutique hotels and luxury villa properties in key areas across Bali – including Jimbaran, Sanur, Seminyak and Canggu.

Why Work with Us?

Maximize your villa investment value


Ramp up your occupancy and income

1. Creative Product Design
At Nakula Villa Management, one of our greatest strengths is creative product design. Since your villa is like no other, it only makes sense we offer you hospitality management that's just as unique.
2. Efficient Sales and Marketing
Efficient sales and marketing is key in managing properties. We use up-to-date tactics to make the most of your advertising funds by way of a plethora of marketing channels.
3. Optimized Pricing Management
By practicing optimized pricing management, we're able to grant your guests a price they deserve. This means that—even as the island's environment changes—your Bali villa keeps up with necessary price adjustments.
4. Excellent services
With excellent services to villa customers, you and your staff can rest easy. Professional reservation handling and smooth daily operations are all a part of the picture with our Bali villa management.

Rely on professional property maintenance

Housekeeping and regular maintenance are key! With our unparalleled attention to detail, you can expect your property to maintain its best condition. And our skilled repair management techniques — for plumbing, electricity, cookware and more — let the show go on when things go awry.


Let us deliver results at a reasonable cost

With no setup fee required, getting started with Nakula Villa Management is a tropical breeze. All the while, a comparatively low management fee that is tied on your property profitability without booking commission will let you keep the profits you deserve for a villa you adore!

Our Services

Discover our villa management services

1. Sales and Marketing
From managing reservations to creating pricing strategies, we handle sales with utmost effectiveness. Our tactics are creative and our outcomes are on the nose, if we do say so ourselves.
2. Operational Management
Whether keeping the property secure or fueling up on groceries, our operational offerings are niche. From check in to check out and every moment in between, we optimize your staff and their to-dos in one fell swoop.
3. Human Capital Management
Figuring out people can be hard. With services like team evaluation, team development, recruitment, internal training and more, you can finally move on to more important business.
4. Finance & Accounting
The human element aside, villa management is a numbers game. Let us help you with the quantitative data, like monthly financial statement reports, procurement and purchasing, filing certain taxes and optimizing costs.