Bali has undeniably won our hearts through its natural wonders, culture, arts scene, and adventure activities. Stunning beaches, scenic lakes, gushing waterfalls, volcanic mountains, and rice paddies all make up the natural landscape of Bali. It is home to a rich and unique culture, a blend of Balinese Hinduism and sophisticated local tradition. Everywhere is an art scene with phenomenal murals, modern and contemporary paintings, and contemporary and historical performances among others. Its diverse natural landscape adds up to the adventure of outdoor activities that tourists can indulge in when in Bali.

But all of these sceneries and recreational ventures go down the drain when there are no cozy, homely, graceful, and rather elegant villas or hotels nearby. However, Nakula is the answer to your worries. We want you to honor your Bali experience with only the grandest and the best accommodation of Bali.

Whether you want to be undisturbed or within an arm’s reach from beaches and other leisure activities, we have villas for each one of your preferences. Being in a huge group or a small one doesn’t mean any problem since we can give you a villa that would fit you perfectly. Every villa promises you all of the comfort and pleasure you think you could only imagine in your daydreams.

At Nakula, we provide you with the finest customer service and impeccable amenities – from spacious rooms, butler and/or nanny services, exclusive cooks, lavish pools, and extensive outdoor gardens. Plus, we have designed door-to-door day tours so you won’t have to fret on achieving your planned itinerary. 

So if you are looking for a place to stay and for things to do on your vacation in Bali, scroll down and read our blogs to ascertain that you will have the best time of your lives.

Kerobokan, Bali

Kerobokan is not commonly uttered in the same breath as other popular Bali tourist hubs such as Ubud or Canggu but Kerobokan district is half-way between the shopping quarter of Seminyak and the hip turf of Canggu, making it the region with twice as much to explore.

So if you are planning a trip to Bali and wondering what to do in Kerobokan, dive into our list of 10 things to do in Kerobokan to make your visit memorable.

1. Kerobokan After Dark Food Safari Tour

Known to the locals as the ultimate food haven with the highest concentration of traditional food from all over Indonesia, Jalan Teuku Umar is lined with a plethora of food stalls stretching for kilometres after dark. Local revellers are out every night in search of that unique dish from a different corner of the land. Beyond your Nasi/Mie Goreng, Gado-Gado or Satay dishes, there are countless other delicious offerings with signature spices to try from across the archipelago. Those with adventurous tastebuds will be rewarded handsomely. Why not try Nasi Rawon, Baked Fish, Soto Ayam (yellow spicy chicken soup) or Nasi Padang (signature Nasi Campur from Sumatera province of Padang)? And the best part? It is light on the pocket, but deeply satisfying on the palette.

2. Visit the Kerobokan Wellness Centre

For those seeking a little pampering, the Kerobokan Wellness Centre is a haven of relaxation. Indulge in a rejuvenating massage in Kerobokan and experience Bali’s best massage services. Let your worries melt away as skilled therapists work their magic.

3. Petitenget Beach

Kerobokan main beaches are in Batu Belig and Petitenget. You are right to think that Petitenget Beach is the main beach of Seminyak, but Kerobokan location is next door to Seminyak making it instantly an adopted home-beach. It is undeniable that Petitenget Beach is one of the best places to view Bali’s iconic sunset. Sunset bars from local vendors to five star hotels line this beach offering the best atmosphere for you to bid farewell to the light of day with the accompaniment of your favourite cocktails, beach lounge or bean bag, and DJ set or live music. Every price structure will get you the appropriate viewing satisfaction. You decide how your Kerobokan day is going to end!

4. Explore the Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich local culture of Kerobokan by visiting the vibrant markets and interacting with friendly locals. You can also discover traditional art and crafts, giving you a glimpse into the unique Balinese way of life.

5. Batu Belig Beach

If your idea of a great holiday is to have a place where you get to do your own things at leisurely pace away from the maddening crowd, then Kerobokan Batu Belig Beach is your perfect fit. Located about 10 minutes away from Kerobokan heart centre, this stretch of sand offers sun, sand and surf as well as nice cafés and beach bars. Surfers are often seen catching a wave at regular intervals and residents taking a morning stroll or sunset walk enjoying the serenity of nature. And the prices you pay for food, drinks and comfort here are a lot less than its sister beach of Petitenget.

6. Dine at Local Restaurants

Kerobokan offers a diverse culinary scene with numerous restaurants serving delicious Balinese and international cuisine. Be sure to try some of the local specialties while enjoying the charming ambience of the area.

7. Take a Kerobokan Jail Tour

Not your average experience but this may interest some. The infamous Kerobokan jail was built in 1979 with the capacity to hold 300 inmates. These days the inmates numbers have quadrupled. Over the years there has been highly publicised cases involving foreigners who committed a crime, serving a sentence or waiting on death row. The location of this prison is right in the centre of the local food area making it impossible to miss. It is also known as the section of the street with the heaviest traffic jam!

8. Experience Bali’s Best Sunset Views

Head to one of the beachfront bars or restaurants in Kerobokan to witness Bali’s best sunset views. The breathtaking colours of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon create a magical atmosphere you won’t want to miss.

9. Enjoy a Spa Day

Indulge in self-care by treating yourself to a spa day in Kerobokan. Enjoy a range of wellness treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, all designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

10. Horseback Riding on the Beach

For a memorable and unique experience, consider going horseback riding along the Kerobokan beaches. Ride along the shoreline and take in the picturesque ocean views as you bond with these majestic creatures.


In conclusion, Kerobokan offers a delightful mix of relaxation, culture, and adventure for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking to unwind on the beach, explore local traditions, or indulge in a spa day, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Kerobokan to create lasting memories of your Bali getaway.

Now that you have all the information you need on Kerobokan attractions, are you ready for a Kerobokan adventure? Don’t forget Nakula properties may have just the perfect accommodation for you. Our Kerobokan villas of Tirtadari and Amita are seven bedroom compounds accommodating up to 26 people, making them a perfect choice for large family gatherings, corporate or business retreats and weddings.

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