Sanur promenade, Bali

Top 5 Things to Do in Sanur

Known for its expansive stretch of soft golden sand, the coastal town of Sanur in Southeast of Bali has been termed sleepy, relaxed and quieter when compared to the buzzy Canggu or trendy Seminyak. Yet these same qualities along with its well paved promenade, swimmable beach, art galleries, eateries of every kind and night markets have made Sanur district arguably one of the most appealing beachfront complexes in Bali. We have narrowed down these top 5 Sanur activities for you to explore:

1. Step Back in Time at The Blanjong Pillar

The Blanjong Pillar is the oldest and one of the most important historical artifacts of Bali. Erected by the first king of Balinese Warmadewa dynasty in 914 AD, the pillar contains an inscription detailing the king’s military campaign and is a symbol of power and authority. Written in Indian Sanskrit and traditional Balinese language, the inscription is kept under a glass enclosure within Pura Blanjong or Blanjong Temple. Located on the main street of Danau Poso. A visit here is a must to get a sense of ‘Once Upon a Time in Glorious Bali’.

2. Stroll, Jog or Cycle Along Sanur Promenade

The paved walkway along Sanur beachfront is one of the most scenic promenades anywhere in Bali. This ideal setting is extremely popular with families, joggers or cyclists doing their thing at all hours of the day. Lined with quaint cafés, local warungs, colorful fishing boats and stylish restaurants few steps from the Indian Ocean, take a break for refreshments anytime you wish and take in the panoramic view. For the adventurers at heart, why not jump on a fast boat and head to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida for the day!

3. Eat Till You Drop

Well, whether you like to dine in style or savor the best of local delicacies, Sanur’s eating streets will satisfy every palette. Both Jalan Danau Poso and Jalan Danau Tamblingan are two of the main food streets of Sanur. The former caters for traditional Indonesian food in all its variants with rows of warungs and the latter serves up a plethora of International cuisines in restaurants amidst hotels and cafés. Both these streets are also jam-packed with shops and galleries, making ‘walk-and-shop’ as the perfect post-dinner activity.

4. Pasar Sindu Night Market

Who doesn’t love the idea of night shopping and snacking? Pasar Sindu Night Market comes alive after dark offering revellers a wide selection of items, souvenirs and knick knacks. The intertwining food stalls offering local delicacies guarantee to stop you in your tracks for the all important snacking. There is no better place to walk off your dinner than strolling around this market until you are ready to call it the night with bags of goodies in tow, of course!

5. Top Up on Vitamin D at Pantai Indah

Sanur beaches stretch for miles but the most popular patch of soft golden sand is Pantai Indah. Located half way along Jalan Danau Tamblingan, sunbathers, swimmers and stand-up paddlers love this spot because of the cleanliness of the water. In between your sun-soaked activities, make sure you drop by Warung Pantai Indah for a local snack, cold beer or chilled young coconut juice.

Finding Accommodation in Sanur

There are so many more Sanur attractions beyond the above-listed, but do take a moment to plan for your accommodation. Your Sanur stay experience will elevate your overall Bali holiday experience. If you are a family or a large group seeking a suitable accommodation in Sanur, then Kama Village featuring exclusive two and three bedroom units in lush village setting may just be what you are looking for.

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