Sometimes, we go on holiday to join forces with the world at large. But there are other times when privacy takes precedence, and quietude proves to be the deciding factor in where we choose to stay. If you relate to the latter, do yourself a favor and stay in secluded Bali villas that are exclusive on all accounts. They’ll prove their position as a luxurious tropical respite, ultimately giving you the tranquility you deserve during your precious island time.

For families that want the space to be themselves, a Bali villa escape only makes sense. For couples who want time to exist in a world all their own, a hidden retreat is the icing on the cake of a Balinese getaway. And for groups who want to focus on bettering themselves during their vacation, secluded sanctuaries may just be the thing that changes it all.

  • -70% OFF
    • Ubud, Bali
    • 1,500m2 / 16,146ft2 garden size
    • 8 Bedrooms
    • 9 Bathrooms
    • 16 Adults
    • Breakfast
    • Private Swimming PoolPrivate Pool
    • Free Wifi
  • -70% OFF
    • Sanur, Bali
    • 1,342m2 / 14,447ft2 garden size
    • 14 Bedrooms
    • 16 Bathrooms
    • 28 Adults
    • Breakfast
    • Swimming PoolSwimming Pool
    • Free Wifi
  • -20% OFF
    • Tabanan, Bali
    • 1 Bedroom Bungalows
    • Breakfast
    • Restaurant
    • Swimming PoolSwimming Pool
    • SpaSpa
    • Free Wifi

Experience the Real Bali

Adventures that get to the essence of Bali

The natural world of Bali in and of itself is a sight worth seeing. See the sunrise from Mount Batur for a heavenly start to the day, and spend your afternoon lounging on the sand to make up for lost snoozes. Visit Nusa Penida for explorations at Angel’s Billabong and Atuh Beach, both of which are worth much more than just a photo. The caves of Suluban Beach and the black sand sprawling across Keramas’ coast are wonders of their own kind, and both of them are well deserving of a visit.

Bali is saturated with beauty, and not just from a visual standpoint. Its natural splendor is only augmented by cultural heritage that goes deep. Perhaps the defining space for spirituality in Bali, Ubud Palace is ornate in its display. Meanwhile, Kecak fire dancing during sunset at Uluwatu Temple tells the story of people long present. With the flavors of Balinese cuisine, you’ll learn more about the culture than you ever thought possible. And in every nook and cranny of the island’s many local markets, you’ll unearth the tales of artisans and craftspeople who have led the way for generations and show no signs of stopping.

By staying in one of our favorite majestic Bali villa escapes, you’re giving you and your crew the opportunity to experience Bali to its core. Through your very own private and exclusive accommodation fit for the family, you can forget the tourist hotspots and instead focus on the authenticity that lies within this sea-bound land.

Spend your time in secluded Bali villas and you’ll be able to find food that really speaks to you, instead of settling for western flavors that you could get back home. So too will you be able to encounter experiences with meaning, not choreographed tours built around the expectation of visitors. Ultimately, a private villa that’s tucked away from the crowd let’s you curate your own holiday, surpassing the facade of tourism and heading straight for a genuine adventure.

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