Bali has undeniably won our hearts through its natural wonders, culture, arts scene, and adventure activities. Stunning beaches, scenic lakes, gushing waterfalls, volcanic mountains, and rice paddies all make up the natural landscape of Bali. It is home to a rich and unique culture, a blend of Balinese Hinduism and sophisticated local tradition. Everywhere is an art scene with phenomenal murals, modern and contemporary paintings, and contemporary and historical performances among others. Its diverse natural landscape adds up to the adventure of outdoor activities that tourists can indulge in when in Bali.

But all of these sceneries and recreational ventures go down the drain when there are no cozy, homely, graceful, and rather elegant villas or hotels nearby. However, Nakula is the answer to your worries. We want you to honor your Bali experience with only the grandest and the best accommodation of Bali.

Whether you want to be undisturbed or within an arm’s reach from beaches and other leisure activities, we have villas for each one of your preferences. Being in a huge group or a small one doesn’t mean any problem since we can give you a villa that would fit you perfectly. Every villa promises you all of the comfort and pleasure you think you could only imagine in your daydreams.

At Nakula, we provide you with the finest customer service and impeccable amenities – from spacious rooms, butler and/or nanny services, exclusive cooks, lavish pools, and extensive outdoor gardens. Plus, we have designed door-to-door day tours so you won’t have to fret on achieving your planned itinerary. 

So if you are looking for a place to stay and for things to do on your vacation in Bali, scroll down and read our blogs to ascertain that you will have the best time of your lives.

Private swimming pool of Villa Istana Putih in Canggu

Going on a vacation isn’t just beneficial to your mental health; relaxing in a beautiful place also increases your productivity and creativity. If you’re coming with the kids, going on a trip will surely help them create a meaningful core memory.

That’s why choosing your vacation rental is as important as choosing what country or town to visit. Is it better to stay in a villa or a hotel? First, consider what you want to experience during your stay – are you looking for comfort, luxury, privacy, or a spacious area for the whole family (including your precious fur babies)?

With lots of websites offering discounts, staying in a hotel might be the first option that comes to mind. Aside from the fact that you can find it anywhere, it promises a comfortable stay in its modern interior, with enough amenities to enjoy and good service from its staff.

But recently, many travellers are discovering the beauty and safety of staying in a villa, especially amidst the pandemic. “A home away from home,” as most people call it. Staying in a private villa means having the entire place to yourself or the whole family, with services tailored to your need, taste, and preference.

Can’t decide yet? Read on as we tell more about the difference between villa and hotel, and the things to consider when planning your ultimate Bali getaway.

Bali’s Best Travel Accommodation Guide

Privacy & LuxuryPrivate Luxurious PlaceLuxurious Place
Amenities and FacilitiesPrivate AmenitiesShared Amenities
PriceCheaper for GroupsExpensive for Groups
Group TravelSpacious & ExclusiveRequires Multiple Rooms
Pet-friendlySpace for PetsLimited Space

A Peaceful and Relaxing Stay

If you’re a traveller who values your space, privacy is at the top of your list when planning a vacation. Luckily, you have options to achieve your ultimate private getaway.


After a long day of sightseeing and outdoor adventures, hotel accommodation can provide a comfortable stay. A standard fully air-conditioned hotel room comes with luxury bedding, basic appliances, and a nice toilet and bath – essentially, a room that lets you recharge for tomorrow’s activities.

However, as you share the hallways and corridors with the other hotel guests and staff, the level of privacy may differ based on the location, hotel policies, or how other guests and staff move around. What you can do is make sure to find rooms that are fully soundproofed.


But why do people prefer villas? Villas are on the rise because travellers love the complete solitude private villas provide. Not to mention, villas are great for those who are not yet comfortable being around other people as the health protocols loosen up.

Whether you choose secluded villas, family villas, or considering a villa wedding for your private getaway, you’re assured that you won’t have to worry about other guests invading your space.

From having a private entrance, and a dining area, to having your own garden, swimming pool, and private lounge where you can gather and bond, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others as villas have high external walls to ensure security and privacy.

Exclusive Amenities and Facilities

Both private villas and hotels have the amenities and facilities that let you have a convenient stay. Choosing where to stay is up to your preference, or it is a matter of discovering the kind of exclusivity you never knew you needed.


Choosing to stay in a hotel will give you access to their restaurant, cafe, and bar. You can also enjoy their wellness centres and choose among their spa treatments, massages, facials, and aromatherapies. A hotel stay gives you access to their gyms and swimming pools, where you can exercise and relax. For business trips, they usually have conference rooms you can use for meetings.

It’s worth noting that staying in a hotel is pretty much like condo living – you have your own room in a building, but the rest of the amenities and facilities are shared with other guests.


Renting a villa is like staying in a fully-furnished Instagrammable house with exquisite furniture and carefully curated art pieces. Truly, it’s a destination on its own.

Bask under the Balinese sun in an outdoor jacuzzi near the swimming pool (which you can access from every room), or have a barbecue party with your own grilling station.

In the morning, you can enjoy your complimentary breakfast on the patio, in the dining area, or take it to the next level and experience the famous Bali floating breakfast by the pool. Inside the villa, there is a fully-functional modern kitchen and a cosy living room that can serve as your meeting space.

There are countless reasons why villas are getting much attention from travellers; among the many benefits of staying in villas is not sharing any facilities or amenities with others.

Top-notch Service You Deserve

Hotel and villa staff make the stay convenient and worthwhile. But knowing what they have to offer will help you decide what services that will benefit you and the whole family.


Hotels provide various services that can help guests have a convenient stay. In fact, hotels are known for having enough staff that can assist their guests right away.

Starting with the front desk staff who welcome visitors and help them with their rooms, housekeeping staff who ensure the rooms are clean, and concierge services who assist guests with restaurant reservations, transportation needs, activity suggestions, and recommendations for the best tourist attractions in the area.

Other services include food and beverage, spa treatments, and maintenance.


With villa rentals, the villa manager is the main point of contact responsible for any requests or someone you can reach for issues that may arise during the stay. You also won’t have to worry about tidying up the place, as there are personal housekeepers assigned to keep the villa clean.

Staying in a villa feels so extra as they also let you have your private chef if you want to taste the local cuisine or any dish you like. The villa’s driver and massage therapist are also available when you need them.

Note that the team assigned to your villa will only visit you if you ask them to ensure you get the most out of your private stay.

Experience A Whole New Level of Luxury

What defines a luxurious stay? It starts with a peaceful location, state-of-the-art facilities, neat and refreshing surroundings, exclusive amenities, and the quality of services provided.


Luxurious hotels in Bali are equipped with high-quality bedding, dramatic lighting, a fully air-conditioned room with a nice view, and an interior and exterior design that exudes Bali’s culture. Also, with sparkling clean spaces, the building has well-maintained facilities and posh amenities, modern features, and furnishings.

Some hotels include a mini bar inside the room, so you won’t have to leave your room whenever you’re in for some booze. A stay in a luxury hotel also means having a premium bath experience with complimentary shower gels, shampoos, and toiletries.


Staying in a luxury villa is a whole new level of a posh experience. Imagine a contemporary, stylish, and natural Balinese interior with lots of natural light coming in, a refreshing exterior built with natural materials, and a swimming pool nestled in the middle of abundant tropical foliage – a different kind of luxury you won’t get anywhere else.

As if the tranquillity of the villa isn’t inviting enough, there are rental villas that are a few walks away from the beach. Beachfront Bungalows and Beachfront Villas are perfect for couples, families, and friends who want to enjoy the morning sea breeze and listen to the peaceful sound of waves at night.

Perfectly Designed for Groups and Families

Travelling in a group shouldn’t be stressful. An ideal group accommodation should let you have your individual spaces, but also allows you to gather and party under one roof.

Villa Tirtadari, Kerobokan, Bali - Upper Room


The biggest rooms in most hotels in Bali can only accommodate a maximum of four adults and one child inside a room with two adjoining deluxe rooms joined by a connecting door. So if you’re travelling in a group, you will have to book more than just one room.

The thing is, you won’t know if the rooms you’re going to book are close to each other – because in most cases they might be on different floors or even in different buildings.

Also, if it’s a getaway with friends or coming with the extended family with younger kids, you will have to be mindful of other hotel guests, so running and screaming across the corridor are highly discouraged.


Many spacious villas can accommodate eight to ten guests at once. A large-group villa that can cater to ten guests has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also includes a ten-person breakfast with a private chef and a butler service.

If the ten guests are a group of couples, each couple can still get privacy by having a room for each. The best thing about villas is that, while you enjoy having your own space, there are common spaces where you can gather.

Most villas have living rooms with enough devices for entertainment, a fully functional kitchen with coffee makers, a sparkling swimming pool surrounded by tropical plants, and an outdoor jacuzzi where friends can chill.

A Haven for Your Pets

Because your little fur babies are part of the family, a perfect vacation rental should also have a safe space for them.


There are many pet-friendly hotels in Bali to choose from. However, not all hotels have the same policies with regard to pets. Some hotels let your fur babies stay in your room, some will require you to pay the pet’s fee daily, while some may have size limits, breed restrictions, or how many you can bring.

If it’s your first time going on a vacation with your pet, make sure to plan ahead. Aside from inquiring about the hotel rules, you may also want to know if there are enough green spaces for your fur babies to run and play freely.


If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodation, many pet-friendly villas are available across the beautiful island of Bali. In fact, pet-friendly vacation homes are the most suitable vacation rentals if you’re going with your fur babies.

Having your own garden surrounded by fresh and native plants, some grass spaces, and well-lit outdoor spaces, your fur babies will have the best times of their precious lives.

And because you have the whole villa, you don’t have to worry about disturbing other people, and the risks of unpleasant situations are minimised since you’re in control.

A Comfortable Stay That’s Worth Every Penny

A perfect Bali accommodation should give value to your hard-earned money without compromising comfort, luxury, and style.


It’s no secret that luxurious hotels in Bali can be really expensive. That’s especially true if it’s a group getaway, as you would have to get multiple rooms for hotels to accommodate you.

If you want to have a feel of the local culture, with welcome drinks, buffet breakfast, and other perks and amenities, you have to be financially ready, as luxurious hotels can cost an arm and a leg.

Good thing there are great alternatives where you can experience the most authentic Balinese culture, plus having spacious spaces that you won’t have to share with other guests.


Are villas expensive? A private family villa that’s good for six guests starts at IDR 5,200,000 a night. Divided into four guests, that would be IDR 1,300,000 per pax.

An example of a family villa comes with welcome drinks, three spacious bedrooms, four private toilets and baths, breakfast for each guest, complimentary Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, butler service, a backup generator, and household supplies.

Renting an entire place with a private pool, garden, and lounge may sound like an expensive choice, but as you look closer at what a private villa can offer, you’ll realise villas are cheaper than hotels and the best choice for your Bali getaway.

Why Villa Is The Better Choice for Your Next Vacation?

Nakula’s Balinese villas offer the most relaxing and personalised experience compared to hotels with limited private spaces. Private villas and secluded villas are designed to give you a luxurious feel as you connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of Indonesia’s natural resources.

Are you already daydreaming about being in a peaceful villa, having your complimentary breakfast beside the pool, meditating alone in the garden, waking up to a beautiful view, and having a personal chef serving a sumptuous dinner for the whole family?

Fulfil your dream Bali getaway and experience a different level of luxury with the Holiday Homes Bali and Villa Rentals Bali Nakula offers.

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